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Friday, June 04, 2010

Say hi and the first post of GSoC: Mylyn Context + Zest test

Hi eclipse community! My name is Yongming Luo. I am from China. I am a participant for Google Summer of Code 2010. My topic is "Integrate GMF runtime with Mylyn task focused UI". So this series of blogs will share my explorations to this topic, with both success and failures. I am glad to here any comment from you.

In this post I want to show an experiment I did recently. Using eclipse zest to show the context information of the current task context.

Mylyn is a powerful tool to let the programmers focus on the things they are doing. One's focus interests are organized as tasks in workspace. For each task, there is a list which holds the related files and resources. What I want to do is to get the list and show them as a graph in a view. I by chance read something about eclipse zest toolkit[2], which is easy to use to implement the experiment, so I use zest in this post.

To get the current context in workspace, I use the following code[1]:

Context could change. To listen to this change, it's good to create a listener and add it to the context manager.
public class ContextListener extends AbstractContextListener{
 public void contextChanged(ContextChangeEvent event) {
  switch(event.getEventKind()) {
  case CLEARED:

Each task has a life-cycle, and fires several events to the listeners: PRE_ACTIVATED->ACTIVATED->DEACTIVATED. With these events we can do the modification to the graph view synchronously.

For the view, I simply use GraphNode class to present the java files in the context. Every time when there is a task switch or one task is cleared, I clear the view.

You can download the plug-in from svn:
svn checkout http://svn.codespot.com/a/eclipselabs.org/mylyn-gmf-ui/trunk/ mylyn-gmf-ui-read-only

or download it directly (org.eclipselabs.gsoc.test1.zip)

This is an eclipse plug-in project, with dependencies from both mylyn and zest. You have to install them first to run the plug-in. The screen cast of the plug-in is like the following:

Details can be found in the comments of the code.
[1] http://www.vogella.de/blog/2009/10/05/modifying-mylyn-context/
[2] http://www.vogella.de/articles/EclipseZest/article.html


Fabian Steeg said...

Very cool! And Zest seems ideal for such a thing.

One thing that comes to my mind: have you considered representing the active task as node as well, and add edges to each resource in the context? Together with the RadialLayoutAlgorithm that could provide a nice visualization of the context surrounding the task.

江湖v2.0 said...

Good Idea~

akuhn said...


What is the spatial orientation of the graph? Does it adhere to a global layout with cardinal directions,so that eg A is always left of B which in turn is left of C, independent of which context is shown !?


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